PTT Group - Mitsubishi Motors Jointly Study EV business, Promoting Thailand as a Center of EVs Production and Export to International Markets

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Recently – Dr. Buranin Rattanasombat, Chief New Business and Infrastructure Officer, PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) (center), chaired the Letter of Intent (LOI) signing ceremony for the Business Collaboration and Development of Electric Vehicle in Thailand. Signatories of the LOI were Mr. Cherdchai Boonchoochauy, Senior Executive Vice President, Innovation and New Ventures, PTT (2nd, left), Mr. Masaki Tsugeno, Corporate Officer, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (2nd, right), Mr. Noboru Tsuji, Chairman of the Board, Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Company Limited (far right), and Mr. Ekachai Yimsakul, Managing Director, Arun Plus Company Limited (far left). The ceremony took place at Palangthai Room 2, PTT Headquarter, Bangkok.

The objective of this signing ceremony is to jointly study and develop cooperation in the EV business in Thailand, along with studying the possibility of developing the potential of Thailand's EV industry to become a center for the production, distribution, and export of EVs to the local and international automotive markets. Also, they will work together to push Thailand to achieve carbon neutrality in 2030.

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