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We have strived to create a comprehensive lifestyle choice to meet all lifestyle needs.

EVME PLUS (อีวี มี พลัส จำกัด) Horizon Plus (ฮอริษอน พลัส) NUOVO PLUS (นูออโว พลัส จำกัด) on-ion (ออน-ไอออน) AIONEX (เอไอออเนกซ์)

EVME PLUS (อีวี มี พลัส จำกัด)

A platform that offers unique EV car driving experience with comprehensive services in Thailand.

EVme is the pioneer application for EV car, responding to every lifestyle. The platform is easy to use, simply with your fingers. EVme mobile application is now available for downloading on iOS and Android devices.

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Horizon Plus (ฮอริษอน พลัส)

World leading full-service EV manufacturer including EV design and automobile interior technology development. Horizon Plus also sets up manufacturing system, manages supply chain, and provides relating services to support modern EV technology industry.
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NUOVO PLUS (นูออโว พลัส จำกัด)

Nuovo+ is Thailand’s and Southeast Asia’s first producer and seller of lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP) with SemiSolid battery production technology under G-Cell brand. Our battery is reputable for safety, and long battery life, making it suitable for various applications. Our battery is environmentally friendly since it can be recycled. The factory is located in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate.
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on-ion (ออน-ไอออน)

on-ion produces, sells, installs EV chargers for residences, and runs On-ion EV Charging stations to support Thailand EV market growth.
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AIONEX (เอไอออเนกซ์)

AIONEX operates a fully integrated electric motorcycle production and distribution business under the cooperation between Arun Plus and KYMCO Group, a world-class international brand from Taiwan with more than 60 years of experience in the motorcycle business, providing electric motorcycle battery swapping services with no need to wait to charge. AIONEX is ready to provide electric motorcycles and swap battery service with innovation and modern driving technology ready to respond to the lifestyle of the new generation.
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